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Crimps Hair Service Add-ON

Crimps Hair Service Add-ON

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Tired of the same curls or straight hair? Want to add crimps to your hair styling service? Then this is the add-on for you. This ad-on gets placed in your cart along with your choice of other "Wig Maintenance" of "Custom Wig" services and is simply a hair styling add-on.

"Please also add in notes of wig maintenance service or custom wig service that you chose crimps"

Please be made aware that all orders have a processing of 8-15 business days. Orders are completed as they come in, so please plan ahead and take into consideration delivery times for (Ordering the hair/Shipping the hair). If you did not select "Drop-Off/Pick-Up" and will like the hair to be sent back, please be made aware that all orders are shipped back with 2 Day Shipping.

Hair is currently not provided for this service. 

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