"FAQ's" Everything you need to know about theclairestyle wig process!

"FAQ's" Everything you need to know about theclairestyle wig process!

Order and Processing

How long will my order usually take and why?

The processing time for theclairestyle orders is usally 8-15 business days, which means Mon-Fri. This is because theclairestyle is currently a one-person business, and we try to ensure that each order is up to par. 

When does order processing begin?

Order processing begins once your order/hair is received.  The order/hair can be received through mail or dropped off with Claire. 

Why do I have to place an order online? Why can't I just message you and send it?

All orders must be placed online because it keeps all of your hair specifications in one organized location. Not only that, but once an order is placed it means that you agree to the terms of the business. If an order is placed online then you agree to comply with the shipping policy, refund policy, and processing (8-15 business   days). When you place an order online, you also have access to your tracking number and an account where updates can be posted. 

How can I place an order? What if I have questions before I place my order?

Orders can be placed directly through theclairestyle.com website. You are able to go through the services tab, select your needs, and add it directly to your cart. If you have any questions before placing your order, you can click the contact tab or email theclairestyle@gmail.com. You will receive a response to the question in less than 24 hours. 

Once I have placed my order, how will you contact me with further details?

Before an order is placed on theclairestyle.com you will have to create an account, which allows for several forms of communication. Once an order is placed, you will be contacted through the email provided. If there is no response within 48 hours, then you will be contacted through the phone number provided.

Where do I send my bundles once I have placed an order?

Once you have placed an order on theclairestyle.com, the confirmation page will provide the address to send bundles to. Theclairestyle is based in Laurel, Maryland, USA specifically the Prince George's County area, so if you would like to drop off the hair that option is also available. 

What if there is a service I want, but it is not listed?

Theclairestyle tries to keep the services updated, so if the option is not listed then it probably is not offered. However, you can still send an email or contact to inquire. 

Hair, Wigs, and all other inquiries

How long will a theclairestyle unit last and can I send in my units for maintenance?

Theclairestyle units are constructed using a sewing machine on a mesh dome material, which can last several more years than a hand-sewn wig. Each custom wig comes in a satin/silk bag that will also help for storage, so you can keep your units for 3+ years. However, this all depends on the quality of hair used and how often the wig is worn because closures and frontals can bald after several uses. 

Do I need to provide any other items?

Nope, right now all you need to provide is the hair. All other tools and colors, will be provided by theclairestyle and are included in the price. 

What does each service come with?

Each service comes with what is listed in the description. All services come with customization and styling, unless stated otherwise (for ad-ons). A full service for a custom unit will come with the unit, customization, styling, an elastic band placement, and tinting or lace cutting if specified. 


If you have any additional questions please leave them below!


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